Chiropractic Testimonials

“I feel 100% better and a lot younger!”

“While I was at work, I was hit in the shoulder with a hand truck. The pain was so severe - I couldn’t work for three weeks. I was bed-ridden. It was awful. I decided I had to do something about it. From the very first day that I came in, Dr. Stewart has done a great job working with me. I feel 100% better and a lot younger! I have a lot of movement in my joints and I can actually stretch out in the morning. I am recommending him to my wife and my son! I am so happy that I decided to come in. It is amazing how Dr. Stewart makes a new person out of you!"

- James F.

“I recommend Dr. Stewart to friends and family all the time!”

“I fell down a flight of stairs a few years ago. I had been having extreme upper & lower back pain. When my son was one, I threw my back out just from picking him up. I came in to see Dr. Stewart and he took some X-rays. He showed me the curvature in my spine that had been causing the pain. Since I have been coming to see Dr. Stewart, the pain has been alleviated! After the first two weeks, I was feeling great. Dr. Stewart showed me some stretches to do to maximize my results. I was also working with a trainer, who showed me exercises to do specifically to strengthen my back. Dr. Stewart took a second set of X-rays and showed me what my spine looks like now. It was a dramatic difference! I was shocked & amazed. My spine is almost completely aligned now. I am so happy with my results. I recommend Dr. Stewart to friends and family all the time, and will continue to do so.”

- L. Emerick

“When your back is out you feel like your whole body is out!”

“I went to New York for a visit and my sister in law saw how much pain I was in when I was getting out of the car. She recommended Dr. Stewart. In just two adjustments I was feeling so much better. Later, we took another five-hour trip to New York to Chesapeake, and I was really hurting bad. But, because of Dr. Stewart’s care I didn’t even need to take medication. My back kept on going out and I was in to see Dr. Stewart every week. He said to me something is wrong, so he had me walk for him without shoes and could see that I had a hammer toe. Because of the pain, I was not putting my foot flat. The hammer toe caused me to walk on my heel and side of my foot and I didn’t even realize it. That was the cause of my back problem. I thank him immensely for finding what was causing my pain. Most medical doctors today just give you medicine for everything and never really find the cause of the problem. It usually just makes things worse. Dr. Stewart taught me how to release all the toxins in my body from all of the medication and it certainly did help. He is very knowledgeable in many areas. Just recently he noticed I was having allergies and he helped me alleviate them with adjustments. Now I can walk without pain. My back was so bad I could not sit down. When your back is out, it feels like your whole body is out. Dr. Stewart is the most genuine doctor I know. He is the greatest! Everyone I meet that is in pain, I send to him. He cares about people so much. He is an excellent doctor and I tell all my friends to see him before any other doctor.”

- Betty M.

“I should have seen him a long time ago!”

“When I was in the military, I had crashed on an aircraft carrier. I had problems with my knee ever since. I started to feel back pain and thought it was from my knee. I was fatigued, stressed, sore and sleep-deprived. My sports doctor recommended that I see a chiropractor. My wife told me to see Dr. Stewart– she had been seeing him for years. Also, my two daughters are patients. Although I had no insurance coverage, the office staff worked out affordable payment options for me. After I started care, I was feeling much better. All of a sudden, everything went away! Now I sleep better, and am not fatigued. I also have much better range of motion. He gave me different low-impact exercises to do as well. We discovered that my knee pain had been the result of a back issue all along. I should have seen him a long time ago! He really seems to care about his patients and wants to see them get better. I am really glad that I came in!”

- B. Flick

“From the moment I came in to see Dr. Stewart, it was instant relief.”

“Before I came t see Dr. Stewart I couldn’t even pick up a 6 pack of beer. Now, I can pick up a case in each hand! I was having upper back pain that was pinching and shooting down my right arm. I was lifting heaving equipment and climbing at work and could no longer do my job. Even something simple like driving my car was very bothersome and uncomfortable. I was relying on my left hand to do things that I normally did with my right hand. My wife had been seeing Dr. Stewart and had gotten great results. She made an appointment for me. From the moment I came in to see Dr. Stewart, it was instant relief. Now, I don’t have a pinch or pain at all. I can do all of my work with no problems. I have referred many of my friends to Dr. Stewart and will continue to.”

- J. Petre

“In the short time I have been coming to see him, my legs have stopped going numb!”

“You wouldn’t believe the pain I was in. I could hardly walk. My foot would go numb and my toes would tingle if I tried to walk at all. I would toss and turn at night and pull on my leg. I couldn’t get comfortable, so I was not sleeping well at all. I lived on Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I was also on three medications and it made me zone out at work. I have a strenuous job, and I was not able to function well at work. I had to constantly sit on ice to numb myself. I talked to three different doctors and they all said they couldn’t help me unless I got surgery. I read that Dr. Stewart did some needle-less acupuncture and I was interested. In the short time I’ve been coming to see him, my legs have stopped going numb! I have no pain in my leg at all! I can function like a person now. I’ve completely stopped taking any pain killers, I prefer low-force adjustments and Dr. Stewart is very gentle. I also love the Pro-Adjuster system he uses. I have referred several patients to Dr. Stewart and I will continue to do so.”

- K. Pasquarette

“I was no longer able to do my job… now I’m feeling so much better!”

“I was having pain in my lower back and shooting pain in my legs. It was very severe at times. I had been doing some heavy lifting at work. I was no longer able to do my job. I tried to do as much work as possible, but I couldn’t do much. It was pretty bad. I knew I had to do something. I didn’t want to have surgery because I’ve had lots of people tell me that surgery isn’t isn’t the answer. They have all had to go back and get even more surgeries. I didn’t want to go to a doctor with a knife! I read about Dr. Stewart in the paper and made an appointment. Dr. Stewart has helped me so much. I am feeling so much better and am not in pain at all. I can finally get on with my life. I’ve realized that when your back is out, your whole body is out of whack! The other day I picked up something really heavy and felt my back shift out of place. I called the office and they got me right in that day. I was back to normal right after that visit. I will definitely recommend Dr. Stewart to all my friends and family.”

- W. Bishop

“Dr. Stewart has shown me that I don’t have to just deal with the pain!”

“I have had mid-back pain and shooting pains since I was eighteen years old. I grew up on a farm and was doing a lot of heavy lifting and mistreating my body. I was aching and hurting all the time and had trouble sleeping. My entire family had back problems so I thought I would be cursed with it my entire life. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Stewart and I have been doing well ever since. My visits have allowed me to work and function without pain. I am grateful that Dr. Stewart has shown me that I don’t have to just deal with the pain. I am so much happier and healthier. I have referred some people, but have discovered that lots of people I know are already coming to see Dr. Stewart.”

- D. Slabaugh

“After I see him, the pain just goes away.”

“For years I had constant shooting pain down my leg and hip pain. I was not really able to move at all, and when I did move, the pain was severe. I had to either sit or lie down. I also had no cartilage left in my ankle. My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Stewart. He took X-rays and gave me an exam and consultation. I had a curvature in my back and my hips were out of line. He also suggested a heel lift for me and that has helped as well. Getting adjusted really helps relieve the pain. After I see him, the pain just goes away. Now I have a full range of motion and can do things before that I wasn’t doing at all. I work on Youth Mission Projects and so now I am able to do various activities such as painting, roofing, and plumbing. I even built a handicap ramp. I would recommend Dr. Stewart to everyone!”

- G. Garnette

“It was like magic!”

“Believe it or not, I sneezed one day and threw out my back. My back just snapped and it wore down my whole body. I couldn’t life anything and it was difficult to get out of bed. I had to push myself to work, although I shouldn’t have been working in my condition. After a few weeks, all I could do to avoid pain was lie in bed. I found Dr. Stewart, and after the second visit, it was like magic! He put me back into place. I was able to go back to work and ride my motorcycle. He taught me proper lifting techniques and stretches. Now my mind is clear so that I can focus on other things and not the pain. I can actually enjoy my hobbies now. I like Dr. Stewart a lot because he’s a good doctor and does an excellent job. I would refer him to anyone and I wouldn’t go to anyone else! He comes highly recommended.”

- L. Reas

“I wanted my problem fixed! I didn’t want to just cover it up!”

“Before I came in to see Dr. Stewart, I could hardly stand up straight. I couldn’t do anything around the house or ever get out of bed. I was having some lower back pain, and when I stood up, I felt something pop– and it brought me to my knees. I had to grab on to furniture after that just to try to walk or get up. I hate taking pain pills. I have friends that became addicted to pain pills and now are going through withdrawls. I knew that I didn’t ever wan tot do that. I wanted my problem fixed! I didn’t want to just give it up. My son had told me to go to a chiropractor, but I had never have, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was at my Primary Care Doctor’s office, and I saw Dr. Stewart’s card on the counter. I was hurting so badly, I though I needed to at least try it. Dr. Stewart examined me and told me that I was out of alignment and also had some bone loss. He got everything straight with no pills! I feel so much better now, and I can do everything I want! I brag to everyone about Dr. Stewart. He also had a Spinal Care Class that I attended and it was very informative. I tell everyone, ‘If you have something wrong with you, you should get Dr. Stewart to look at it!'”

- J. Moore

“I was very skeptical at first, but very surprised and happy with my results!”

“I was in severe, shocking pain in my lower back. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I was seeing a spine doctor and getting injections. I was also taking pain killers. The pain started up again. I had to go to the emergency room. Then my sister told me about Chiropractic. I saw the sign for Windsor Neck & Back Clinic and thought I would try it. After seeing Dr. Stewart for my first visit, my back started hurting less. Then it got even better. Now I don't even feel the pain. Dr. Stewart gave me some stretches to do and that helps as well. I must say I was very skeptical at first, but I was very surprised and happy with my results!”

- C. Whitfield

“I really wanted to find a more natural alternative.”

“I was suffering from severe lower back pain. I couldn’t walk for months. The doctors that I had seen wanted me to have surgery, shots, and take heavy medication for the pain. Being a registered nurse, I really wanted to find a more natural alternative without having surgery. After seeing Dr. Stewart for about 2-3 weeks, I was doing so much better! It was like a dream! This past weekend I felt no pain for the entire weekend. I was really happy about that.”

- C. Vines

“After my first visit, the pain ceased!”

“Prior to seeing Dr. Stewart, I was informed by an orthopedic surgeon that I had to undergo serious surgery to my cervical spine (neck). I was having intense pain and was on medication for over three months. I also had shooting pain down my arm. I am a photographer, and I was not able to do my job because of the pain. I was also not able to go bowling or swimming – other things I really enjoyed. My neighbor saw the pain I was in and said I should see Dr. Stewart. After having an exam and X-rays, I was told that I could turn it around! After my first visit, the pain ceased! That convinced me that Dr. Stewart really knew what he was doing. Since I have been seeing him, I have no pain and I have been able to do the things I love.”

- D. Alston

“I am able to play golf a lot more.”

"I have had lower back problems for quite some time. I couldn’t walk a great deal or play as much golf as I would like. I started seeing Dr. Stewart about once a week and started to feel better. I am able to play golf a lot more than I was before, due to better movement in my body. I like to come in on maintenance just to keep my lower body health where it needs to be."

- Eloise W.


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